Dave , Vocals , Bass Player ,For Dave, music has always been a constant companion--whether crushing volleyballs on the beaches of California, skiing the slopes of Colorado, biking the backroads of Alabama, music always energized and inspired. Growing up, he played guitar and sang in different choirs and ensembles. But now for the past several years, music has become his primary obsession--playing the bass with the same passion and focus as ever. Bringing the groove to rock, country, Motown, oldies and R & B, he drove that big bass beat with bands such as Rock Asylum, County Line Band, Voodoo Yahoos, and most recently 4 on the Floor with Overdrive. Let's get this party started! 

Pat Powers Keyboards From Texas Our keyboard player is a world traveler who’s been to thirty countries, including Morocco and Tibet.

Patrick performed on two USO tours to Japan and the Pacific, including opening for the band “America” in Tokyo and Manila. He started on keyboards in the ski towns of Colorado and Wyoming, and performed in the house band at Lulu’s in Watkins, Colorado.

Pat performed in the house band at Gussie Lamour’s in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he opened for a number of name acts, including Canned Heat, War, Molly Hatchet and the Stray Cats. He’s performed locally with Sleek Zeke, Bad Neighbors, and Luke Lucas & New Brew.

Patrick also plays the ukulele!

Bob Brasted:(Drums) A DC native, Bob comes to us with a rock back ground. He brings over 20 years of experience, 
playing the skins for several rock bands in the area including Sweet Addiction and Ecstasy among many others. He has a strong sense of rhythm and timing that really drives the band and provides an excellent back beat needed in the Igniters. Bob uses and abuses Zildjian cymbals and Tama Drums back beat needed in the Igniters.

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